Goettl AC Repair Turns Around in just Two Years

The business world is sometimes a chaotic place filled with sudden rises and falls. Profitable companies go under and sometimes businesses that seem on the verge of collapse pull themselves up and strike big.

Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen was a struggling business in 2012, under heavy legal pressure. Without strong management to guide it the company looked as if it was about to fold to the harsh competition in the AC repair market. That was before Ken Goodrich bought the company and began over hauling into a competitive and successful business venture.

By 2014, Goodrich had managed to turn the companies fortunes around completely. In just two years time the company is predicting that it will earn somewhere around $20 million. That’s a pretty drastic profit increase when compared to Goettl‘s previous earnings. Goodrich says that when he came on the company was,” Stuck in the mud.” Surprisingly it’s failure was due to a sudden boom in clients that had left the company unable to meet customer demands. Legal action was threatened and a large portion of Goetll’s leadership left, further crippling it’s ability to meet customer needs.

When Goodrich bought the company he deliberately infused it with new direction and new energy. As it turns out, that was all it really needed to get the wheels running. Now Goettl is a top earner in the field. The story of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen is an example of how to adapt to adversity in the marketplace and how quickly poor fortunes can be reversed.




IAP Worldwide Challenging The Impossible Through Practical Solutions

IAP Worldwide is a logistics and facilities management firm that has been offering solutions in different industries. The company was launched in 1953 and has since grown into an internationally recognized firm well-equipped to handle the most challenging tasks. Its employee base has risen to over 20,000 with offices in more than 25 countries across the world. The company consistently delivers products that conform to the requirements of customers. Exceeding customer expectations and improving effectiveness has helped IAP Worldwide Services to grow through ranks. Additionally, the company operates ethically and fully complies with the requirements of the law.

Expeditionary infrastructure
IAP Worldwide works with non-governmental organizations by offering support and infrastructure. The company has been effective in solving problems in austere and remote regions, usually hundreds of miles away from comforts of civilization. Some of the companies served include energy companies, and mining firms working in remote regions. IAP Worldwide offers technical support and logistic services to these companies to help streamline operations.

Power solutions
For effective industrial processes, a company needs to have constant supply of power. This is a role IAP Worldwide Services has undertaken quite successfully and in the past three decades, the company has offered temporary and permanent power solutions to companies in different industries. IAP Worldwide has partnered with equipment manufacturers to source for high-quality materials that are needed for power installations. There is a trained team that creates and maintains the power sources and in case of emergencies, IAP Worldwide will offer backup solutions that will guarantee continuity of operations. The energy solutions used by the company are mostly hybrid and renewable.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

Acquisition of business units
An article published by PR Newswire confirms that IAP Worldwide has acquired DRS Technologies, which is located in Oklahoma City, OK. DRS Technologies is an aviation and business logistics company, which will boost the service base of IAP Worldwide. Additionally, IAP Worldwide also acquired Tactical Communications and Network Solutions, which offers communications support and engineering IT assistance. These acquisitions will help to broaden the service base of IAP Worldwide, doubling the company’s addressable market.

Corporate responsibility
The success of IAP Worldwide is defined by how its customers respond to the services offered, and most importantly the input the company has offered to make life better for the general public. As a commitment to the environment, IAP Worldwide supports the use of natural resources in a manner that is fair to the environment. Some of the tactics the company has employed include recycling.

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Helpful Tips When it Comes to Kabbalah

Now some of these tips might help you in your spiritual quest, some of them might not. Either way, this is very sound advice coming from the teachers of Kabbalah.

  1. We all have a tendency to drop something, especially when it gets too hard to follow through on. This is what Kabbalah teaches us on a daily basis. Do your best to stay on track. This even goes for your spiritual growth. Spiritual growth and evolution requires strength, determination and not giving up on yourself or your spiritual path. If you are going to truly evolve, you have to finish the job. Your spiritual growth is almost like a full-time job. As you go deeper, you have to put out more energy. You have to invest more time and commitment. The deeper you go, the more you will learn about yourself. Don’t just drop it because it becomes to difficult or uncomfortable. Both these elements are a sign you are heading in the right direction.

2) In The Kabbalah Centre we learn about balance. This goes for everything. It’s best to find a healthy balance in everything you do, especially your spiritual studies. Extremes are never a good thing. It’s good to have some fun. It’s not good to focus on that and nothing else. keep the balance going.

3)  Take note of your mistakes. Take responsibility for everything you have done. This is all part of our spiritual path and connection to God. We need God. Part of this “needing” is owning up to the issues we have caused. Take note of where you are in life. Is it where you want to be? Is it where you want to be going? If not, you need to make clear choices as to which direction to take. This involves resisting the old patterns. This involves carving out a new destiny for our lives. We have a choice. You have a choice. It’s your destiny. It can be changed at any time. Please choose carefully as to where you want to be. Please choose carefully, as to avoid the past mistakes you have already made.

The best way to help ourselves is to help out someone else. The smallest gesture can add up to something wonderful. By helping someone out, you have planted seeds of positive energy for a later time.

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Devco Has Plans To Turn New Jersey Into A Much Better Developed State

The Press of Atlantic City has been running reports on what Devco can do to the state with their loans and development plans. There are many ways to use these loans, and the loans are going to provide the kind of assistance that are needed to build large casinos, or build hotels and to bring business into the area. That is why cities must approach Devco, and it is why they will be wise to follow the advice that they have gotten. There are plans that help these cities make sure they can pay off their loans, and they learn how much tax money can be raised.

The taxes that are made from these buildings are going to bring in a lot of people who have not yet been to the area, and then the people of the community will instantly be able to use the businesses to get jobs and find new places to live. It is very easy for people to have the best life they can have, and they will be able to use the businesses they find to have much more fulfilling lives. They have lived in areas with a lot of blight, and they will start to see the crime rates and education outcomes get better.

“It is very important for all the people of the areas around the state to have a chance to live in better communities” according to Devco’s Chris Paladino. These communities can be built around large casinos that will completely change the way that tourism works in the area, and then they will have a lot of help bringing more money to area. Someone who is trying to make the most of their community should be sure that they have approached Devco for help with a loan and the development plans that can be offered.

José Manuel González, The Deputy Of The National Assembly for The State of Guárico, Wants To Replace Nicolás Maduro

In Venezuela Hospitals are out of medicine, grocery stores are out of food, gangs are fighting in the streets, and the general population of the oil-rich country is starving. Men like the Deputy of the National Assembly for the state of Guárico, José Manuel González, have been lobbying for change over the last year, but the government isn’t listening. The country of Venezuela is collapsing, and González is trying everything in his power to stop it.

At this point, González, the former President of Fedecamaras, and an agricultural entrepreneur thinks the best way to solve his country’s dire issues is to get a national referendum in place that replaces the incompetent President, Nicolás Maduro. González is not alone in his assessment. Thousands of people have signed a petition to remove the Chavez hand-picked president from office. The government opposition is growing, and González is leading the charge in his state and the other agricultural states in Venezuela.

González explained Venezuela problems recently when he was interviewed by the press. González said there was an economic illusion in place that concealed the excessive borrowing, and the political corruption that was going on when the price of oil was $100 a barrel. Venezuela has the richest oil reserves in the world, but Venezuelan oil is the thick variety that is expensive to refine. The United States was Venezuela’s biggest customer before the bottom fell out of the oil market, and the Maduro government was too blind and too stubborn to compensate for the lost business, according to González.

Venezuela has been forced to import oil from other countries in order to sell their special blend. The government is mixing Venezuelan oil with lighter oil from the U.S., and other countries and Maduro believes that is the ticket out of the national economic disaster that is changing the face of the country.

There isn’t a solid plan in place that can bring the country back from the brink of disaster, according to González. The Maduro agricultural plan is not working either, and his state is experiencing unprecedented violence because of the food shortage. Normal citizens are becoming criminals in order to eat.

James Dondero Appoints Linda Owen as Charitable Giving Manager

Recently Highland Capital Management appointed long time civic leader Linda Owen as its head of charitable giving. The president and co founder of the company James Dondero recently named Linda Owen as the Charitable Giving Manager. This position will allow Linda Owen to oversee and coordinate all of the firm’s charitable activities. Since Highland Capital Management is very active in giving back to the community it believes that it will greatly benefit by using an experienced individual to manage its philanthropic activities. With Owen’s experience, Highland Capital Management will have the guidance it needs to ensure that it reaches its charitable goals each year.

Linda Owen has been involved in a number of civic activities throughout her career. She is currently as civic leader in Dallas and is therefore very experienced in managing charitable activities as well as civic events. Owen was also a member of The Dallas Foundation and The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. While with these organizations, Linda helped organize and manage all of the activities that pertained to various charities. She also helped manage the charitable funds of Highland Capital Management while she was with The Dallas Foundation.

With this new appointment James Dondero believes that the charity department of his firm will be well managed. Since he actively pursues charitable causes in his spare time, he is looking for someone to ensure that all of his charitable donations are made quickly and efficiently. James often donates funds to various causes which include healthcare, veteran’s affairs, public policy and education. In fact he donates up to $3 million annually and therefore he needs someone who will best allocate this amount of money for the charitable causes.

Dondero is the current President and co founder of Highland Capital Management. He has been in charge of this firm since the year 1993 and has established it as a leading firm in the financial industry. Dondero and his firm specialize in credit management and hedge funds which help provide lots of clients with comprehensive financial services in terms of overseeing billions of dollars worth of assets. Before he started up his company, James was a chief investment officer and managed up to $2 billion worth of assets for major companies such as American Express.

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Highland Capital Powerhouse President, James Dondero

Higher Education Made Possible By Keith and Keely Mann

One of the most important times in my life was my high school graduation. It was nothing like sitting in a room full of people who aspired to be great things to society and more than likely were going to achieve those things. For many of us graduation was the last time we would truly see lack or disappointment but for others graduation was about to take them into a life of endless cycles. it was heartbreaking to hear about and even more heartbreaking to see but I was grateful that I wasn’t going to have to experience what life would be like without higher education because I had received a scholarship.

I was thankful that my parents taught me early the importance of getting scholarships. It was because of a scholarship that I was able to pursue my higher education dream without having to worry about anything extra. I was thankful that I was going to find my way out and wished my friends would have too.

One of the scholarships that was really impact for me was one that was given by Keith and Keely Mann. Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners and is a very prominent figure in the executive search firm world. He and his wife are firm believers in identifying America’s next leader and decided to launch a scholarship in partnership with Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York caters to students who are less fortunate and they work to give these students opportunities to further their education. In order to be eligible for this scholarship you must first write an essay about how receiving this scholarship will impact your life and what you will do with your degree once you complete college. It’s that simple. You just have to be a rising senior in high school at Uncommon Schools. The deadline is approaching. Apply now.

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Diversant: Expanding the IT World

Today, the IT world is a place that is hopping and full of jobs and opportunities for the right people with the right work ethic. I’m talking about people that work around the clock, 24/7, and aren’t afraid to put in a little extra to perform a job well done. As a matter of fact, Diversant has been aiding IT professionals for over twenty years. It is like building a team, and when you build a team, you need the right people in charge. They know how to find the right people and when they see them, they know it. They have a certain aura about them that just stands out from everyone else.

Today, no matter who you are, chances are that you have an impressive resume filled with great colleges, education, and experience. However, one thing that Diversant looks for is people that have great people skills. You can have all of the degrees in the world, but if you don’t know how to talk to people and don’t know how to interact with them, you won’t get very far in life. Sometimes, it can be taught to you and sometimes you need to learn it on your own. With Diversant, they will teach you how it is done, show you the ropes, and get you ready.

One of the best at doing that is John Goullet. This is a real man’s man and someone with a boatload of knowledge and wisdom. What makes him even better is the fact that he is willing to share it with those that are willing to listen. He has a policy where he likes to believe that people who listen instead of talking learn a lot more. If people listen to him and absorb his information, like a sponge, they will go very, very far in the IT world. John knows how to put a staff together and what to look for, as he has a great eye for talent. That is why he has been as successful as he has been for so long and why he will be in the IT world for a long time.




Eric Pulier, Successful Entrepreneur

If a person wants to visualize being successful in life, he or she only needs to look at Eric Pulier’s history. He built his first computer when he was in the fourth grade and during his high school years he started a computer database company, which was extremely successful. After high school, he went on to Harvard University where he graduated in 1988. At this time, he also attended MIT courses. While at Harvard, he gained many awards in recognition of his academic achievements.

After college, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he established an enterprise called People Doing Things. This program was dedicated to using high tech solutions to solve problems in healthcare and education. Another program he developed, while there, was called Digital Evolution. He also founded and co-founded a number of other companies, wrote a book and became an active contributor to community needs.

A few of his accomplishments are:

• Directed Computer Sciences Corporation creation of cloud offerings

Co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc

• Founded SOA Software, Inc

• Co-founded Interactive Video Tachnology (IVT)

• Co-founded SOA Software, Inc

• Co-founded Desktone

• Co-founded U.S. Interactive, Inc

• Co-founded MediaPlatform, Inc

• Created and executed the Washington, D. C. Presidential Technology Exhibition

• Served as advisor to the Vice President on National Health Care initiatives

• Was a member of President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative

• Holds Board Membership on numerous businesses as Chairman, Director, or Chief Executive Officer

• Named an e-Visionary by VAR Business

Beginning in the fourth grade, Eric Pulier has advanced to being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Companies he has founded or co-founded are devoted to improving education and healthcare. He is recognized as a philanthropist who has dedicated his life to the well-being of people of all ages. He is an excellent example of how to achieve success in business as well as in life.

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Darius Fisher is 2016’s “Business Development Individual of the Year”

The PR World Awards has named Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, as the Business Development Individual of the Year for 2016. Fisher cofounded Status Labs, a reputation management firm that focuses on online presence. With more businesses finding a growing influence through the internet, online reputation firms such as Status Labs have become increasingly important.


Status Labs has experienced enormous success and growth while under the leadership of Fisher. He guided Status Labs to create new and innovative digital services to help grow the public relations for clients. For its client base, Status Labs managed to collect some of the most famous businesses and public figures around the world, including Fortune 500 companies. Fisher helped build and cultivate important customer relationships with these clients.


After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Fisher originally made his start as a copywriter and political consultant. As cofounder and president, Fisher was a huge driving force that crafted the innovative vision behind Status Labs. Today he continues to work diligently by motivating employees, maintaining customer relationships and coming up with creative strategies for the company.


On being named the Business Development Individual of the Year, Fisher said it was an honor to pocket the coveted PR World award. “Business development is imperative for any company with long-term growth goals, like Status Labs, so we take brand partnerships and relationship-building seriously. That’s why this recognition is not only a testament to my efforts in the industry, but to the efforts of my entire team at Status Labs.”