Use Ross Abelow For Success

Many people have used the legal services of Ross Abelow when they need help with entertainment and divorce legal issues. He is an expert in both of these types of cases, and he wins them for his clients. Since this is highly unusual for a lawyer to specialize in both of these, the legal community respects him in many ways.

Ross Abelow Also Helps The Stray Animals

There are many stray animals in NY that Ross Abelow wants to help. In fact, Abelow has opened a GoFundMe account in order to raise funds so these animals will have somewhere to go to stay warm, especially in the winter, and also to receive the medical attention that they need to stay healthy. This fund has helped an enormous amount of animals to get the care they need, and find homes for them so they don’t have to go out in the elements again.

When People Use Ross Abelow’s Legal Expertise, They Receive A Free Consultation

In order for Ross to get the information he needs about a case history, he will have a free consultation with his clients. During this time, he will be able to find out what all needs to be done, and how he can assist them. It is also a time when the client and himself can set up a rapport where they can be as honest with him as possible. He will then discuss the fees that are involved with using him to represent the client in a court of law, and the client can sign a contract to begin the work that will go into developing the case.

Ross Abelow fights for people and animals on a daily basis. He makes sure that people and animals receive the care that they require. Since he is so respected for what he does, he receives a lot of accolades and also recommendations from his clients. They tell their friends, family and loved ones to use him if they are ever in need of a good lawyer. For this reason, Ross Abelow loves what he does, and continues to win cases for his clients on a regular basis, and help the animals that he dearly loves.

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Thor Halvorssen Dismantles Socialism

Thor Halvorssen speaks about the dangers of blindly accepting socialist policies in an interview with Trish Reagan for Fox Business News. The segment features questions about what types of concerns should be associated with the type of democratic socialist agenda promoted by Bernie Sanders, a U.S. Senator who is running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. While the Sanders’ campaign has been openly discussing socialist reforms that the senator thinks could help with the income inequality gap and take the pressure of the current unemployment rates, there are serious questions that must be addressed about some unintended consequences of these policies.


Halvorssen is the current president of the Human Rights Foundation, which is based out of New York and fights for the protection of human rights all around the globe. From this perspective, he is particularly well-suited to answer questions about how socialist policies can go right along with authoritarian regimes and the violation of basic human rights. Halvorssen said that this is his main concern with socialism. Because socialism naturally involves the government exercising control over resources and private property, it leads to the government hoarding too much power in some circumstances. This is most likely to occur when there are not backstops against the government taking away the people’s rights and property.


When the government does overstep its bonds, according to Halvorssen, there is a potential for serious resource shortages, which can adversely affect the daily lives of citizens. Thor Halvorssen points to Venezuela as a country that has survived socialist policies at the hands of an authoritarian regime. According to Huffington Post, the people in that country are essentially powerless now to fight back against the government and to try to regain control of their own property and resources. This has resulted in starvation, poverty and unemployment for the masses in Venezuela. In essence, by adopting socialist policies, the government of Venezuela opened up a whole different can of worms that has decimated the country as a whole. Halvorssen does not want to see the same scenario play out in the U.S., or any other country in the world for that matter.

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Crystal Hunt’s Lengthy Career

Actresses such as Crystal Hunt have been in and out of the spotlight for as long as they can remember. For Hunt, this career in entertainment can and has spanned over much of their adult lives.

Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida on February 5, 1985. Hunt got an early start to her acting and entertainment career by getting involved in various pageants even at the age of two years old, mainly for acting. As she got older, Hunt moved on from starring in pageants and began taking steps towards an acting career, first by starring in television ads and commercials. A notable example of this was when she signed with Disney and promoted the company’s 25th anniversary and starred in anti-drug advertisements alongside pop band *NSYNC.

After starring in various commercials, Crystal Hunt earned her first major role after she was cast as Lizzie Spaulding in the daytime soap opera Guiding Light. Her role on Guiding Light eventually became the one that she was best known for, and remained on the show for three years, ending in 2006. Eventually Hunt’s recognition paid off, because in 2006 she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, and a Soap Opera Digest nomination. Hunt’s other major role was playing the character of Stacy Morasco on another soap opera, One Life to Live, being offered a role in 2009. Her role on the show involved her acting as a Las Vegas stripper flying across the country to try and have a relationship with one of her sister’s acquaintances.

Besides starring in soap operas, Crystal Hunt has had significant roles in both television and movies, including The Derby Stallion in 2005 and more recently, Magic Mike XXL in the summer of 2015. Starting in 2015, Hunt also had a feature role in the reality television series Queens of Drama, starring as herself.  Crystal Hunt has a growing fan base on Facebook, but she’s also become very popular for her photography work as well.

Planning on Becoming an Event Planner?

Interested in becoming an Event Planner? Not sure exactly what’s involved in planning events? Below is some information you will want to research and consider before making a decision.

Event planning is the coordination of events or meetings. Planners may choose to specialize in the business end of event planning, working for large companies arranging their meetings and in-services. Their duties may include procuring catering and making travel arrangements.
Other planners opt to specialize in events that are entertainment based. Organizing parties, fundraisers and ceremonies to name just a few. The concept is basically the same as for the business based planner. Catering and travel are, again, some things you need to coordinate. In addition, arranging for accomodations, booking sites and decorations will be your responsibility. Some event planners of large or important events may also need to act in a movie director capacity, ensuring people are where they need to be at appointed times and they may often need to create an itinerary and timeline for the occasion. Learn more about event planners NYC.

Anyone who is organized and a self starter would do well as an event planner. Individuals considering making this career choice need to have a high commitment level. In particular, social event planners need to realize that they will be sacrificing most, if not all, of their weekend time. A coordinator’s job is not finished once all the planning is complete. You need to be there to make certain everything goes off without a hitch. Good social skills are a plus. You will be dealing with people of all temperaments and walks of life.

Startup costs for event planners will vary. Whether you choose to operate out of your home or rent office space is a huge factor when considering costs. Insurance and legal fees are a definite for you and your client’s protection regarding contracts, etc. Your profit margin as an event planner will be greatly affected by the demographic of your customer based. Do extensive research in your area to determine your potential costs and projected profits.
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